Monday, November 4, 2013

Sin I Have A Few

I've always remembered one particular episode of Charmed where the seven deadly sins were used as weapons against the sisters. And out of the seven, Pride is the only one you can't overcome. I'm glad it applies only in that context. Because I feel like I'm an extremist in almost all seven. And my favourite is Phoebe. And her true love is forever Cole.

Lol which made me ponder what watching all these shows were doing to our heads. And I guess I got exposed to a lot more of these sins. In different, tempting versions. Then there's also porn, an unevitable thing really. So I guess for every action is an reaction, since we as humans perceive everything as relative, there is always an opposite to whatever you're feeling right? So there must be some sort of reaction for indulging in the seven sins too. Am I somehow paying the price?

""人间地狱", a phrase J has been throwing around a lot. It combines two separate meanings, "the mortal world" and "hell" together. I think it means this life was meant to suck? We're in hell? Before we get reincarnated or something. What a weird religion. But I guess it's a nice thought that you get chances to redo this whole life thing and learn from your past lives. Well life isn't hell at all lah. I don't know how I got here. My chinese is terrible. The other day I pronounced 垃圾 wrong or something (like saying trubbish instead of rubbish just cause I've played a lot of pokemon).


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